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How Leasing Associates Can Become Top Performers

Leasing Associates Top Performers

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

In a book called The Challenger Sale, Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, and their colleagues at CEB outlined three things that top salespeople do continuously—teach, tailor their presentation and take control of the sales process. 

Writing for Multifamily Insiders, Donald Davidoff outlines how leasing professionals can master these skills and go from an average salesperson to a challenger. Moving from average to stellar involves asking questions before selling, narrowing down the consideration criteria, tailoring tours and presentations to different buyer styles, always advancing and always learning.

Instead of just asking questions and telling (or a selling) a potential resident, Davidoff advises leasing professionals to fully understand an answer before jumping into sell mode. Once the associate is finished asking questions, Davidoff says they need to provide a concise summary of what they have heard and ask the prospect to highlight what their most important areas of focus are.

“This not only demonstrates that the leasing associate was actively listening [thus increasing trust], it also enables the prospect to get some order and prioritize what's really important to them,” Davidoff says. “By creating this order, they make the prospect feel safer and making a decision becomes far easier.”
Even after mastering the other steps to success, Davidoff says leasing associates must keep advancing and learning.

“As with any type of performance, the best are always working at getting better,” Davidoff writes. “Challenger associates have the innate desire to improve and are always working on understanding customers better and learning better ways to do their job.”

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