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How to Improve Your Communication

Improve resident communication

Digested from AppFolio

If your residents say they are not getting the notices you send them, it is time to about revamping your communication strategy.

If you think you have communicated information to your residents, such as a maintenance appointment, and they still don’t know about it, it may be time to revamp your strategy.

When devising any new communication effort, start with a mobile-first approach. Writing for AppFolio, Elizabeth Millar says 73 percent of people always have their mobile device with them.

“With more and more people using smartphone technology, it only makes sense to use this behavior to your advantage and give renters something to look at!” Millar writes. “If this is where your audience spends its time, you should be there, too.”

But mobile communication is more than just having a website that looks good on a phone.

“One of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with renters is through text messaging,” Millar writes. “Texting isn’t just for renters; owners can benefit from the simple communication tool, too. A record [of an event] can be significant in any kind of dispute, but it’s equally valuable for more routine discussions as well. By offering a dedicated phone number for renters to send text messages and remaining responsive to answering those texts, management companies can forge a much stronger bond with their clients.”

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