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How Home Depot Helps Large Multifamily Properties Stay in Shape

Apartment operators want easy access to a wide breadth of supplies that are delivered when needed. Find out how they can get that.

Convenience has become a prime concern for today’s large apartment owners and managers. Having easy access to a wide breadth of supplies that are delivered when needed, backed by a company that can assist with integrated time-saving services and know-how to get more done faster, is essential. In addition, budgets are tight, so having a competitive price is a must. 

To cater to the growing surge in multifamily rental properties over the last decade and recognizing the increased demands on property managers and owners, the Atlanta-based retail giant Home Depot recently announced an $11 billion investment over the next few years. This spend in supply chain and other internal enhancements will improve its B2B operations, which include multifamily distribution powerhouse Wilmar, acquired in 2015 as part of the company’s Interline Brands acquisition. There is now only one multifamily supplier that is part of Home Depot, and that is its Home Depot Pro Multifamily division. 

Home Depot Pro has developed an interconnected experience that allows its customers to seamlessly blend their physical and digital business worlds. From shopping to ordering to delivery that meets the customer’s specific needs, the company is building total solutions that it feels will redefine the maintenance management experience.

One area where the Home Depot Pro offers value is helping multifamily customers reduce time spent sourcing products in-store or online when scrolling through multiple website pages that list everything from plumbing to HVAC systems, appliances, paint, MRO products and other items to maintain or remodel a building. “Our goal is to make our customers’ shopping experience convenient and fast; with the expertise and commitment from the strongest sales team in the industry,” says Home Depot’s Gregg Kashmanian, Director of National Accounts-Multifamily. 

“Traditionally, if a customer went to a Home Depot store, they might only find a small number of light fixtures or garbage disposers at the store, so the store associate would have to contact other local stores to capture more of these items for a customer, resulting in a longer lead-time, multiple shipments, etc. The new Home Depot Pro can offer a property manager 500 new light fixtures and a plethora of garbage disposers ready for next day delivery from one of our multiple distribution centers throughout the continental United States,” Kashmanian says. “We can project manage complex renovations on a set schedule; create product standardization initiatives for additional savings and offer time savers like mobile product scanning and online favorite lists for quick reorders, as well as a variety of programs to serve everyone’s budget. This is where we shine,” Kashmanian says.   

The new Home Depot Pro also offers medium-to-large-size multifamily properties additional benefits through its national account agreements. These programs not only provide special pricing, but also provide value-added services like single-account billing for all Home Depot purchases, capital improvement renovation assistance and inventory management through its Stockwise(tm) Shop Management Program designed to organize, manage and replenish a customer’s maintenance inventory to help reduce both tangible and intangible expenses.

 “Our overall goal is for multifamily customers to have the best of both the Home Depot retail and the Home Depot Pro for the most convenient and efficient shopping experience possible,” Kashmanian says.