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How to Find the Best Talent

Find Rental Housing Talent

Digested from AppFolio

Having a great website is the first step to finding new hires. But there are other things you can do to set your firm apart.

If you want to find the best talent, start with your website. Make sure it has your company description, current job openings, online application process, benefits and perks and contact information.

“Make sure your content speaks to job-seekers and don’t be afraid to post pictures of the inside and outside of the office if you have fun perks to entice people to apply,” writes AppFolio’s Elizabeth Millar. “If you have any company awards or employee testimonials, this is a great place to showcase them as well.”

On your website, its great idea to emphasize what makes you different, whether it’s a flexible schedule or some other perk.

“Your benefits package is more important than the salary that you offer in many cases, especially for younger employees who are looking for stability and fun perks,” Millar writes. “Benefits are a great play for the new generation of workers.”

To find top talent, you also need a presence on social media. “Today’s talent is looking for opportunities wherever they can; that includes reaching out to their social network on Facebook, as well as their professional network on LinkedIn,” Millar writes. “If your company has an active Facebook presence, you can use it to post job openings and encourage those already tuned into the property management world to apply for a position.”

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