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How to Fight Renter Trolls

respond negative reviews effectively

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

If the same person is criticizing your community across multiple platforms, there are ways to respond effectively.

Negative feedback is a fact of life for all kinds of business. But if you are getting multiple bad reviews from the same person, there are ways you can fight back.

Writing from Multifamily Insiders, Priyanka Agarwal says shoppers are more sophisticated than they used to be and can spot trolls. Doing so can empower apartment managers to fight back against negativity.

“When analyzing a review, [shoppers] filter facts from emotional outbursts and look for recurring complaints in areas of apartment living that are most relevant to them,” Agarwal writes. “Apartment shoppers notice manager responses, and they expect a genuine and personalized response with a problem-solving attitude.”

To prepare a proper response, Agarwal says managers must determine if the reviewer is a current resident or not, what is the nature of the problem and if there was an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Most problems center on the security deposit. If any damage was documented and the manager attempted to contact the resident, that should be mentioned in the response to the review. And, if it is a resident at another community, owned by the same company, who is providing the review, also point that out.

Above all, the person responding to reviews should consult with the management team on best practices and policies on dealing with trolls.

“Remember, your response should reflect your company’s tone and attitude toward residents in general,” Agarwal writes. “Be sure to get the response looked at by another set of eyes, preferably someone on the management team.”

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