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How to be a CSR Champion

Corporate social responsibility

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Corporate social responsibility means more than just giving employees time off to pursue charitable pursuits. Find out what steps you can take to embed CSR into your culture.

Offering paid time off to volunteer is often the first step employers take when they want to build a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility.

But Ross Companies’ Terry Brewer says that there are many other steps they can take, such as organizing regular group volunteer outings and matching charitable donations.

“Some apartment companies have implemented gift-matching programs to encourage employees' charitable donations,” Brewer writes. “Employers typically provide a dollar-for-dollar match, but it's not entirely unheard of for companies to double or even triple the employee’s original donation.”

CSR goes beyond charitable giving. It includes diversity in the workplace, the professional growth of team members and employee wellness.

“To improve their physical health, provide discounts to memberships to local gyms or implement a gym membership reimbursement program,” Brewer writes. “Bring in in nutritionists to speak with employees about healthy eating.”

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