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How to Communicate with Gen Z

Digested from AppFolio

While having a digital presence to reach this cohort is important, members of Gen Z still value the input of those close to them.

Gen Z, born between 1996 and 2010, are just beginning to filter into your apartments so it is probably time to start thinking about what appeals to them… and what does not.

“You’ll need to appeal to their online sensibilities when listing your apartment,” writes Elizabeth Millar for AppFolio. “It’s estimated that nine out of 10 use only online resources when looking for a new place, and 30 percent will ask their friends’ opinions by sharing listing photos and links. Make sure you put your apartment on as many sites as possible and utilize tons of photos and videos to help it shine.”

Remember, they have been “connected” their entire lives. They came of age to social media and smartphones, which means they care about fast Internet connections.

Investing in photos and videos may be important, but Millar cautions apartment operators not to waste their time writing testimonials. Instead, she suggests connecting them with as many people as possible over social to spread news of your communities.

“Gen Z renters also have a strange policy when it comes to looking at reviews of a property,” Millar writes. “Instead of heading over to Yelp, they’ll just ask their friends and family instead. This might be because they know how fake some testimonials can be and can easily see past them.”

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