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How to Capitalize on Peak Leasing Season

Peak Leasing Season

Digested from AppFolio

Highlighting your communities on places where apartment seekers are looking is a great first step.

With spring and peak leasing season right around the corner, it is time for management firms to assess their marketing efforts to ensure they are fully capitalizing on leasing opportunities.

In a recent webinar, AppFolio’s David Gaultiere pointed out ways that rental operators can maximize leasing season. Elizabeth Millar summarized those for AppFolio.

The first step is making sure that your community is present where apartment seekers are looking.

“With more than half of the renting population depending on their phones to search for new properties, are you putting your rentals in the right places?” Millar writes. “Are your mobile ads optimized?”

After those prospects contact you and visit, be sure to follow up. “Today’s renters don’t want to wait to get more info or to view a property. Find out what available tools you can utilize to quickly follow up with renters so you don’t lose them,” Millar writes.

Once those prospects are ready to sign, it is important to remove barriers from the process.

“Get your renting prospects from application to [signed lease] without having to go through manual forms and additional paperwork,” Millar writes. “A streamlined process is within reach.”

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