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How to Build a Culture to Win the Labor Wars

Digested from AppFolio

Providing employees with the opportunity to give back helps to build camaraderie.

In a such a tight labor market, property managers need to build a strong culture if they expect to retain their best talent.

“Prioritizing and supporting your team holistically not only promotes the happiness and overall health of your employees, but it’s also known to attract favorable talent – and secure a prosperous future for your business,” AppFolio’s Christina Burch writes.

Burch recommends starting by supporting others in your community.

“One way to do this is paying attention to the needs in your neighborhood,” Burch writes. “With the holidays fast approaching, you and your property management team could consider volunteering at a food pantry, collecting winter coats or donating gifts and goodies to children in need.”

Donating time to charity can also help rally your team.

“Another way to rally your team and build camaraderie is by extending your giving to an entire week [or two] to raise money in creative ways as a part of your company’s collective contribution,” she writes.

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