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How Breakfast Can Increase Retention

Provide Resident Breakfast on to go

Digested from Property Management Minutes

The most important meal of the day could help unlock customer loyalty.

Want to boost your chances of keeping residents in your communities? Start with the first meal of the day, Lori Hammond writes for Property Management Minutes.

“Organizing the leasing and maintenance team at the property entrances with coffee, juice boxes and packaged pastries offers a smile and breakfast treat for your residents as they leave the property for their morning commute,” Hammond writes.

Hammond says scheduling the event at a regular time, such as the first Tuesday of every month, can build systems and schedules to help the team ensure serving breakfast is not overshadowed in their hectic day-to-day schedules.

Ultimately, this program, called “Breakfast on the Go,” can anchor a retention program.

“Resident retention is more than lease renewals,” Hammond writes. “A resident retention/ resident appreciation program builds customer loyalty. Residents appreciate knowing they are more than a ‘unit number’ or a ‘rental payment.’ ”

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