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How Brands Fail Local Search

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Digested from Chatmeter

While major brands posted accurate listings, they failed in other key areas.

In an effort to see how prepared major brands were for voice search, Chatmeter evaluated 12 of America’s biggest retailers and restaurants. After pitting them against each other over a three-month span, it found that they were “failing to maintain a positive and interactive online reputation among their customers.”

While it found that none of these brands were a leader in local brand visibility, which incorporates reputation, social media activity, and local SEO among other things, they did excel in local listing management.

“We found that every brand in this report sees the value in listing management, which is why they all scored high when it came to listing accuracy,” according to Chatmeter. “An accurate listing must have the business name, address, and phone number.”

Proving that reviews are not just an issue for the apartment industry, Chatmeter found that these retailers and restaurants were not responsive.

“We found that review management is one of the biggest areas all 12 of these brands must improve in,” according to Chatmeter. “The average number of reviews received by each location in the report was 28. Each of these brands has 100s if not 1,000s of locations and yet the average response rate of 1.4 percent with eight out of the twelve brands not responding to reviews at all.”

Chatmeter advised brands to respond to reviews, post to local social pages, and develop an unbranded keyword strategy.” In order to reach new customers, bring more visitors to a business, and rank higher in more searches, brands need to be optimizing for unbranded keywords,” Chatmeter wrote.

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