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How to Boost Your Team’s Wellness

Boost Staff's Wellness

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

Fitness competitions is a great way to boost overall health. They are not the only way to improve the lives of your team.

Good training is not the only thing employees need to do their jobs. For employees to thrive, it helps to be both emotionally and physically fit.

“Exercise is a powerful stress reliever, and team members who are physically fit are bound to be happier, more energetic and more productive,” ROSS’ Terry Brewer writes for Multifamily Insiders. “Provide discounts to memberships to local gyms or implement a gym membership reimbursement program.”

Brewer also recommends holding friendly competitions to see which team members can exercise the most, allowing employees to take regular walking or exercise breaks during the day and bringing in nutritionists to speak with employees about healthy eating.

Wellness is about more than being physically fit. To encourage emotional well-being, Brewer advises companies to create a culture in which employees are comfortable reaching out for help.

“Have stress management experts come speak to your teams, and even consider bringing in yoga and meditation instructors to teach employees about the powerful effects these practices can have on wellness,” Brewer writes. “Furthermore, companies should provide things like employee discounts to certain restaurants, tuition reimbursement programs and flexible schedules when appropriate. Services like these enhance employees’ lives outside of work, so they can come back to the office refreshed and energized.”

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