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How to Avoid Marketing Errors

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Digested from Multi-Housing News

Not maintaining a good online reputation and having an out-of-date website are just a couple of the marketing mistakes that can curtail your efforts to reach new customers.

To effectively market, you need to understand who your customers are and what they need.

“Without this data, you can’t craft messages that they will find appealing or inspiring,” Laura Calugar writes for Multi-Housing News. “Customizing your plan of action in accordance to each client’s preferences will most certainly bring you brand recognition and a good reputation.”

Among the common marketing mistakes Calugar sees are companies not maintaining a good online reputation on social media platforms, lack of communication, not setting clear objectives and not having a good property management website.

“The majority of current or prospective renters use mobile devices in their online searches, so your website needs to look great on smartphones, not only on desktops,” Calugar writes. “The content of your site must be revised regularly, as out-of-date posts may detract interested parties from signing a lease with you if a potential resident makes an inquiry only to discover their dream home has already been rented by somebody else.”

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