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How Artificial Intelligence Could Help You Lease Apartments

chatbots Lease Apartments

Digested from Multi-Housing News

The apartment industry is behind on Artificial Intelligence. But adopting chatbots could help improve lead generation and leasing. 

Whether it is Facebook’s facial recognition software or Siri on iPhones, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how people interact.

“The goal of AI is to make our lives easier, so it makes sense that industries across the board are exploring ways to apply it,” writes Jen Lawson on Multi-Housing News. “This includes the [apartment] industry.”

Some in the apartment industry are experimenting with AI, going no further than voice-activated assistance on phone calls, according to Lawson. But she thinks chat bots, which is a computer program that uses AI to simulate a conversation with a human via a chat interface, could have a tremendous impact on lead generation by directing prospects to a community’s leasing page or even emailing them a rental application.

Apartment companies could use chatbots to answer questions about pricing, floor plans, amenities, pet policies, utilities, laundry, flooring and other things. Leasing agents could then review those transcripts to focus their sales efforts. Alliance Residential is one company that is exploring chat-bot use.

When a prospective resident “lands on an apartment website, a chat box appears inviting the user to converse,” Lawson writes. “The bot, programmed with data on the apartment community, checks unit availability and schedules tours.”

Alexa and other voice-activated devices have proven to be effective move-in gifts at communities, such as ones managed by Bozzuto.

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