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How Your Anger Can Help You at Work

Anger drives business success

Digested from Fast Company

Channeling your irritation can produce positive results that can drive business success.

Do you ever get angry at work? If you do, that may not be such a bad thing, writes Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic for Fast Company.

But stay within reason. Don’t lash out at coworkers in an effort to intimidate them.

“Indeed, because anger is most powerful when it’s not manifested, the better course of action is to channel your frustration into subtler, nonverbal cues,” Chamorro-Premuzic says.

Leaders who can channel their anger will find surprising benefits. One is helping to rally a team when, for instance, you are going after the competition.

“Your company needs to act in its own self-interest in order to get an edge in the market over your competitors, who are all surely doing the same,” Chamorro-Premuzic writes. “Feeling a little angry and entitled can take you a long way in that race.”

Anger can also help boost your performance, if you exercise self-control and employ your emotional intelligence.

“If you can tap into the driving and energizing force that anger provides, you may be able to produce better outcomes than you would try to suppress those feelings,” Chamorro-Premuzic says. “But the key is to feel a moderate amount of anger that leads to higher performance than just being pumped with adrenaline on the one hand or being too bored, calm and cool-headed on the other.”

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