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Home Depot, Wilmar Pairing Brings More Options

The Home Depot and Wilmar

With expanded product assortment, Home Depot business customers get access to more than a million of the things they need, better technology, faster delivery and dedicated account support.

Two years ago, The Home Depot purchased Wilmar as part of their Interline Brands acquisition and now they brought integrated procurement services to the rental housing industry.

Together, The Home Depot and Wilmar offer property managers the convenience to purchase how they want. Through the new ProPurchase™ program comes the convenience of shopping in stores with just the swipe of a card and having that purchase applied against their existing Wilmar credit line.

With expanded assortment, customers gain even more flexibility and have access to over a million maintenance and repair products, better technology and procurement platform integration, faster delivery options and dedicated account support.

“If you are in The Home Depot store because you are trying to retrofit a lot of smoke detectors and they don’t have enough smoke detectors, you can go up to the Pro Desk, order them and we can ship them directly to your job site,” says Paula Drum, Vice President of ECommerce and Marketing for Interline Brands.

When a service technician goes to the Pro Desk, they get access to all the MRO products in the Wilmar catalog. With decades of service exclusive to the multifamily industry, Wilmar gives them a strategic supplier for everything from capital improvement projects to every day maintenance and repairs.

“We looked at how we combined the catalog and the products that we offer to make sure that we are making it really easy and convenient for any of our customers to get what they want no matter how they make their purchase,” Drum says.

Depending on inventory and time of the order, the product could arrive onsite as soon as the next day (or it can be arranged for some time in the near future). When a part is ordered, The Home Depot associate will let the buyer know when it will arrive.

“Another retailer may have a special-order process,” Drum says. “But the big difference from what is going on somewhere else with a special order is the quickness of the delivery. This is over and beyond what I would call a special order. You can get the product delivered potentially the next day for the core items that property managers need.”

Drum says the items offered through the program are “core” items for multifamily facility managers.

“It is building off of that partnership with Wilmar, who are experts in multifamily maintenance, and being able to combine the strengths of Wilmar plus The Home Depot,” Drum says.

Drum says any Wilmar customer and any new customer who wants to set up an account for Wilmar can have a ProPurchase card issued to them.

The program was launched in March and, so far, the expanded offerings have been a hit.

“We have seen the adoption continue to grow week after week after week,” Drum says. “It is all about how we make our customers happier by providing more convenience.”