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Handling Angry Residents With Ease

Angry Residents

Digested from “How to Approach Handling Angry Residents” Property Management Insider (5/23/16) Blackwell, Tim

All property managers have had run-ins with angry residents. According to a Satisfacts survey, approximately 60 percent of resident turnover is controllable by property management staff. And with the average moveout costing $3,000, it’s clear that unhappy residents can affect an owner’s bottom line.

Rommel Anacan, President of Relationship Difference, says that any staffer who is in contact with a resident needs customer service training. An inexperienced employee may get too defensive when it comes to complaints. A veteran property manager may ignore them or behave dismissively toward the resident. Employees at all levels should have training to counteract natural tendencies that may give residents the wrong impression.

“What I’ve found (is) that what a lot of people do naturally (is) really what ends up making it worse,” Anacan says. “When someone is accusing you of something, your natural tendency is to want to defend yourself. The more you do it, the more the person on the other end of it is saying you are covering up, you are lying.”

Anacan recommends that you stay calm, demonstrate that you’re listening and be willing to provide small concessions. Take a break from the conversation if it becomes too heated.

“Just by allowing a customer to have their say, just by listening, just by making sure we know the story, gives us a starting point. Then after the story is done, it’s really about trying to find what ... I can do,” says Anacan.

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