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Generation Z: Taking Millennials to Extreme Levels

Generation Z

Digested from Rainmaker's Multifamily Housing blog

There are differences between the assumed personality traits of Millennials and their younger counterparts Generation Z (individuals born between the mid-1990s and 2010).

Tech-friendly? Yes. Tech-dependent? Oh yeah, totally. Expects an immediate response? Absolutely. Wants to do every single thing online or through a mobile device? Roger that.

One key difference is that the latter group is pretty much too young to rent apartments today. But that will change before you know it. Rainmaker’s Let It Rain blog analyzes how Generation Z lives it life and what that means to the apartment industry.

With Generation Z: think Millennials—although at more extreme levels. “This generation … is just now reaching the age to seek and obtain housing independent of their parents,” according to the blog. “Given their connectivity, Generation Z is used to getting what they want, when they want it. Renting is no different. They expect to be able to locate, re-locate, apply for, and obtain approval on rentals in an instantaneously demanding fashion.”

The blog suggests that marketing aimed at Generation Z “needs to express an air of inclusiveness, openness and comradery. [Gen Z] prefers to handle most of their personal (and professional) business online and rental decisions are just another online adventure to these young adults.”

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