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Funding for the Section 8 Tenant-based and Project-based Rental Assistance Approved

Project-based Rental Assistance

Congress approved, and the President signed, legislation funding the government for Fiscal Year 2019 last week. The package includes $44.2 billion for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), with $8 billion for new housing and public infrastructure. Importantly, the Section 8 Tenant-Based Rental Assistance program is funded at $20.3 billion, adequate to renew all existing vouchers, and the Project-based Rental Assistance program is fully funded at $11.7 billion. 

NAA and NMHC are pleased Congress and the Administration recognized the importance of adequately funding Tenant-Based Section 8 vouchers and Project-Based Rental Assistance program. As part of the spending package, Congress included a new Voucher Choice Mobility Demonstration plan. This legislation creates the infrastructure necessary for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to carry out a mobility demonstration programs, allowing voucher holders to move to areas of greater opportunity. 

NAA and NMHC will continue to work with the Administration and Congress on reforms that will encourage private sector participation. We will continue to ask Congress to support streamlining and reforming the HCV program to encourage more private participation; greater overall funding to increase the supply of vouchers; and improvements and greater efficiency and consistency in the administration of the program.   

For more information on Section 8, please visit our Section 8 policy issue page.