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Fraud Applications Increase in One Major City

Fraud Applications

Digested from Houston Public Media

Apartment operators grapple with how to handle fake documents from lease applicants.

Apartment operators in Houston are increasingly dealing with fake documents from lease applicants, according to Florian Martin of Houston Public Media. 

Houston Apartment Association President Michelle Pawelek told Martin that there has been a “very big uptick in fraudulent applications online” in Houston.

“Houston police Detective Bruce Owdley, who specializes in cyber crimes, said it’s hard to track exact numbers, but the sale of stolen identities is a growing problem and there is a demand among some potential renters,” Martin wrote.

Owdley said that some people who can’t qualify to get an apartment will turn to the dark web, while Pawelek said that “rental approval packages” with pay stubs, fake IDs, and address track records can be found on Craigslist, according to Martin.

“Pawelek said apartment companies are stepping up efforts to spot application fraud by hiring security companies, training employees and working with lawyers to evict those caught committing fraud,” Martin wrote.

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