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Fire Chief Advises Renters on Basics of Fire Safety

Firefighters fighting a fire

Digested from "Fire Chief has recommendations for renters on what to do before you sign a lease"
News 8/ (3/10/16) Scheinblum, Josh

A Connecticut fire chief advises renters to do their homework on the safety of a unit before they move in, and to make sure the landlord has taken precautions to fireproof the home.

Any multifamily housing unit should contain fire safety basics: a fire extinguisher, working sprinklers, and smoke detectors throughout the unit, says Chief Robert Ross with the South District Fire Department in Middletown, Connecticut. Ross adds that a good rule of thumb for renters is to replace batteries in smoke detectors each time they change their clocks for daylight saving time.

Most importantly, renters should have an evacuation plan in place in the event of a fire. "There's almost a mental exercise that people should be going through. Sit down and say 'you know what, if I can't get out my door my hallway what am I going to do?'" he says.

Residents should also invest in renters' insurance to cover property damage in their unit.

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