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Extinguishing Crime on the Job

Extinguishing Crime

Digested From “72-Year-Old Woman Fends Off Gunman With Fire Extinguisher”
Cincinnati Enquirer (12/28/13) Kiefaber, Adam

A gunman recently tried to rob the rental office at the Vista Village Apartment in Cincinnati's Mount Airy neighborhood.  But he fled after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher by 72-year-old employee Cheryl Arnold. 

Arnold was approached by the suspect while on the job.  The masked gunman repeatedly demanded money, called her vulgar names, and pushed his gun against her head multiple times. When he leaned over Arnold's desk to open an empty drawer, Arnold reached for a nearby fire extinguisher and sprayed him.  "I was just trying to think how I could get out of it because I didn't know what he was going to do with that gun," she stated. "I filled the whole office. Everything was white in here." 

It was just a few months ago when a representative of Silco Fire & Security asked Arnold if she had a firearm to defend herself if need be. Not having one, the Silco employee put a fire extinguisher without a clip by her desk and said to use it if she were ever in trouble. Arnold has since phoned the company to thank that employee for the advice that possibly saved her life. She concluded, "I would recommend that everyone get a fire extinguisher.  Maybe a couple. It is safer than a gun." The suspect is still at large.

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