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Engagement is the Key to Success

Residents Engagement

As commerce continues to move online, proper engagement and a good reputation are the keys to success.

The future of apartment market marketing and resident engagement took center stage at The Apartment Internet Marketing Conference last week. Here are three takeaways from the conference.

Your Leasing Office is Moving Online

If you want a customer to remember you, it will take five to seven brand impressions. If you want a qualified lead, it’s going to take seven to 13 brand impressions, according to Steven Ozbun, President and Managing Partner for LeaseLabs.

These impressions are happening online. The average American is within arms’ reach of their smartphone 23 hours and 40 mins a day, according to Ozbun. He says people are studying online more and visiting less (4.6 million auto dealership visits in 2008 compared to 2.3 in 2016).

With social media use increasing, webpage design could change. Danny Mizufuka, National Media Manager at CWS Apartment Homes thinks it might make sense create a one-page mobile friendly page (so people can scroll) rather than having them click to different pages.

Engagement is Essential

Engagement is the key to making a resident feel valued. Make customers and residents insiders in your business, according to John Hinckley, Co-Founder and CEO of Modern Message.

Hinckley says there are four groups— purchasers, evangelists, responders and loyalists—that you can identify in a resident base when you properly engage them. Each group can help you retain residents and acquire new ones.

Engagement is critical even if prospects do not lease. Gigi Giannoni, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations with Gables Residential, says her company continues to follow up with these people toward the end of their year-long lease at other communities.

Shared Values Are Increasingly Important

Customers are looking for brands that share their values and apartment owners need to connect with these consumers, according to Charlene Li, an Expert on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership and Author of Books Groundswell and Open Leadership.

Having shared values with your customers is the best way to secure them—64 percent say that it is the primary reason they do business with a brand, Ozbun says. Conversely, negative reviews on social media or Yelp caused the biggest drop off for conversions.

If your residents have an issue, your corporate value should be to resolve it rather than apologize for it. Also, do not fall into the trap of providing a standardized response. Having a customized reply is incredibly important.