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Effective Ways to Follow Up with Prospects

effective Follow Up with Prospects

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Effective follow up starts with a value proposition, active verbs and standing up.

Persuading potential residents to call you back is always a challenge, but Kyle Mclean at says leasing agents should always start with value or a promotion.

After that, use active verbs, telling them to call you or shoot you an email.

“Finally, show a lot of enthusiasm that they got in touch with you,” Mclean writes. “Don’t go directly to the hard sell. People hate that. You hate that. This is an incremental sale, and at this point, you just want them to buy into the conversation.”

When leaving a voicemail with a potential resident, Mclean says leasing agents must stand up when speaking because it enables them to speak louder, more confidently and with more enthusiasm. In the message, mention specific details about your community and ask them to call you back.

“Most people don’t pick up the phone when it rings,” Mclean writes. “But if you leave the right voicemail, you can get them to come back to you in some form. Use their name at the beginning and end of your message. This could be the only personal information you have about them right now, so you want to use it.”

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