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Does Your Member of Congress Know What You Know?


Members of Congress don’t always know what it takes to own and manage apartments. So how can they understand how issues before Congress impact you before they vote on them?

You have a unique opportunity this summer to educate them about how apartments work. All you need to do is invite your members of Congress to tour your apartment community during one of the times Congress is in recess over the next several months.  Help them understand our vibrant, dynamic $1.3 trillion industry that houses 37 million people.

Your apartment tour will take less than an hour, yet it will reap dividends that will help strengthen the apartment industry’s voice on Capitol Hill for years.

Here are the dates when your members of Congress will be at home:

June 29 - July 6 (House and Senate)
July 31 – September 7 (House)
August 10 – September 7 (Senate)
September 21 – 25 (House)

Learn more about how to conduct a property tour, participate in a town hall meeting, or schedule a meeting with your members of Congress in their office with resources in NAA’s Congressional Recess Program Toolkit. (Member login required)