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Do Your Residents Know How to Use the Machines in Their Apartment Homes?

Prevent costly repairs and time-consuming maintenance calls by educating residents on how to properly use appliances in their apartments.

Using household appliances may seem intuitive to most residents, but apartment community maintenance teams have handled calls ranging from uncooked food because the oven was not preheated to faulty dishwashers because the wrong soap was used. Proper education can help reduce the number of maintenance calls and also prevent damage to appliances.

You can readily make printed manuals available for residents, but consider adding instructional videos to your toolkit as well. Post 30-second videos online so residents can be walked through each step at any time. QR codes placed on each appliance can ensure that  they access the right video for each machine. 

Frequently problematic appliances include dishwashers, stoves, washers and dryers. You might even consider a tutorial on using common household tools, such as a toilet plunger, so residents can try to solve their problems before turning to the maintenance staff.

Providing call prompts for the front desk can also save additional time to help assess the problem and what tools (or if a service request is even necessary) may be needed before maintenance staff arrives at the apartment home.