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Digital-Marketing Demand Expected to Increase in Coming Months

As the digital-marketing game begins to heat up, companies are looking for more digital-marketing experts.

The success of digital marketing endeavors should continue to increase as companies begin to invest more heavily in digital-marketing tactics and the skilled individuals needed to deploy successful campaigns. Mobile devices, social media and video have been game changers in the world of marketing by allowing companies to interact with their prospective audiences in new and increasingly exciting ways. 

A recent study, "The Future of Digital Marketing," featured feedback from 262 digital-marketing executives on their intended budgets for the coming year and the obstacles faced in developing tnew campaigns. Ad Age reports that 40 percent of the executives surveyed plan to boost their digital-marketing budgets by 5 to 10 percent; another 32 percent of survey respondents plan to increase their budgets by as much as 15 percent. Areas for greatest growth include mobile, social media and video.

 Expenses for attracting top digital marketing talent, who can be hard to find, may also increase. These individuals tend to be a bit more nomadic, with company tenure 12 to 18 months on average, as they search for the best employment opportunities. Key skill sets sought include digital/social, content creation, big data/analytics and mobile strategy.