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Customer Service: Important Internally Too

Customer Service

Digested from Property Management Minutes

Customer service is more than just the relationship between apartment community employees and residents. It also covers the internal relationships in a company—those between leasing, maintenance, accounting, HR, IT and other departments.

When a department experiences a hiccup that reverberates throughout the company—software problem, payroll delay, vendor issues—internal relationships can fray. Everyone is busy, and some days disruptions to the normal workday can be difficult to take in stride.

“The Accounts Receivable team is not simply sitting in front of a computer waiting for someone to call with a question or a problem,” writes Lori Hammond in a post on Property Management Minutes. “When the phone call comes, the task in process is set aside to give attention to the caller.”

Keeping this in mind will go a long way toward maintaining good internal relationships.

“Remembering Customer Service begins at home might put a smile on a colleague’s face,” Hammond concludes.

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