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Creating Successful Landing Pages for Search Engine Marketing

landing page for search engine marketing

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To avoid being penalized by Google, your landing page needs to include these key elements.

If your website provides a poor user experience, Google will penalize you and your ads will show up less often.

To help apartment managers avoid that situation,’s Tiffanie Patrick provides tips on making the most effective landing pages for your AdWords campaign.

A successful landing page will answer whatever question the visitor asked Google before your ad popped up. In addition to telling people about your company, a landing page should offer information about your company, tell them what you offer or sell, have testimonials and give them a way to contact you.

“The form allows you to collect the visitor’s contact information so you can get in touch,” Patrick writes. “The tracking number allows you to keep up with your leads that come in over the phone. You want to track where the leads are coming from and review your phone calls so you know how to improve them the next time.”

It should also provide a call to action.

“This is what entices the visitor to fill out that form or pick up that phone,” Patrick writes. “It will set your business apart from your competition. Maybe it’s a special offer like the first month free. Perhaps it’s a flat management fee when everyone else in your market charges a percentage.”

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