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Creating a Great Leasing Environment

A leasing consultant talking with a couple in an office

Digested from Multifamily Insiders

To make the right first impression on prospects, consider apartment operators, signage, line of sight and transparency.

Apartment operators spend a lot of time and money to entice prospects to visit their community. So, it is important that the prospect is impressed when they do visit.

Writing for Multifamily Insiders, Karen Gladney says a great onsite leasing experience starts with ample and accurate signage and a good first impression from leasing agents.

“Leasing agents should be positioned within a line of sight to the front door of the office,” Gladney writes. “This will both allow the prospect to see someone when they first enter the building and will enable agents to easily know when it's time to greet a visitor. However, make sure you plan your greetings so that not all of the agents are converging on a prospect at once – that can be a little intimidating and off-putting to a lead.”

Once leasing agents begin to speak with prospects, they need to focus on transparency. In their follow-up communication after the visit, leasing agents should show prospects that they listened.

“Leasing agents don't need to start their conversations with prospects by asking for their phone number and email, but many of them do,” Gladney writes. “Begin by asking prospects bigger-picture questions about what they're looking for in their next apartment home. Encourage leasing agents to collaborate and facilitate rather than block and tackle. Often the leasing agent can end up being the biggest roadblock due to lack of knowledge and/or poor customer service.”

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