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Commonly Missed Amenities

Repurposing space and amenities

Digested from Property Management Insider

Repurposing underutilized spaces is one way apartment operators can meet residents’ needs.

In today’s amenities wars, dogs, the latest in-apartment technology and common areas get all of the attention. But sometimes apartment managers can get a lot out of things that are overlooked.

Consider what Pinnacle is doing. The Texas-based operator is taking outdated amentities, such as tennis courts and updating them into more useful spaces, according to Property Management Insider’s Tim Blackwell.

“The biggest thing for us is repurposing outdated spaces,” Pinnacle Regional Vice President Toni Rials said. “We’re turning those tennis courts into dog parks on one side. On the other side, we’re putting a grill out there where people can get together. We’re also repurposing laundry rooms.”

Apartment owners may not think of human capital as an amenity, but Alpha-Barnes Principal Hugh Cobb does.

“With unemployment at record levels and qualified multifamily professionals in demand, Cobb believes retaining good employees who can make a difference in the resident experience will cost property owners and managers more in the future,” Cobb said. “But they are extremely important to the community.”

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