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Common Mistakes to Avoid with New Hires

New Hire Mistakes

Digested from The Muse

Bringing your existing team into the hiring and onboarding process is a great way to increase the chances of success for a new hire. Here are important steps to remember.

Want to ensure a new hire gets off to a fast start at your community? One of the most important first steps could involve your current team by preparing them for new co-workers.

“Keep your team in the loop during the hiring process,” writes Meghan E. Butler for The Muse. “If possible, invite them to meet the final two candidates one-on-one, and be part of decision making. This way, they’ll feel more ownership over the outcome.”

Early on, managers should also and train new hires on company etiquette and set clear expectations of performance.

“Schedule weekly check-ins with an agreed-upon agenda, including time for the new hire to ask questions about how best to navigate a new team and seek feedback on their work,” Butler writes. Not only does this go a long way in establishing and maintaining a dynamic for the two of you, it makes it nearly impossible for someone to fail because they didn’t understand their role.”

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