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City of Pittsburgh Budget Approved with No Rental Registration Program

No Rental Registration Program

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh City Council and the Pittsburgh Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (ICA), a state-appointed financial oversight body, have approved Mayor Bill Peduto’s 2015 budget without a proposed rental registration program. 

The rental registration program would have required property owners to register their properties annually and pay an annual fee of $65 per unit. In December, property owners packed a public hearing on the legislation, objecting to the plan and calling the fee a tax. In his budget, the mayor had budgeted $1.6 million in revenue coming from the fee; however, the ICA agreed to release that same amount of money from state gaming revenue to the city to make up for the budget hole.

While the rental registration program was not approved, Mayor Peduto has said that the city still intends to pursue the approval of rental registration legislation with City Council this year. 

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette