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Choosing the Best Smart Tech for Apartments

Smart Tech Apartments

Digested from “How to turn your home into a smart home” in Curbed (8/23/16) by Eldredge, Barbara

Apartment residents are clamoring for smart-home technology to make their homes more efficient and comfortable.

Curbed interviewed leaders in the smart-home tech field (think Nest, Amazon Echo and Canary) to find how to get the most out of any smart-home investment. Here’s what they had to say:

Solve a real problem. A tweeting toaster is neat but probably not ultimately necessary or useful. A video camera connected to a doorbell, on the other hand, could be very helpful. The experts note that most good smart-home products will improve life in one of three areas: security, comfort or convenience.

Voice activation is helpful. All the experts agree that voice control, like Amazon Echo’s Alexa, is the wave of the future in this space. Not having to use a device to adjust settings really does make life easier.

Experiment with starter kits. Multiple companies now offer smart-home starter kits designed to be installed by people without a technical background.

And if nothing is knocking your socks off yet, just wait. This is early going in the smart-home revolution.

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