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Check Out This Unique Student Housing Community

contemporary student housing design

Digested from Architectural Digest

In Ireland, this student housing community is redefining practicality with a designer flare.

Defying the norm, Marsh’s Yard, the new location from student-living brand Hatch, looks more like a contemporary art museum than a student dormitory. Designed by Dublin-based Kingston Lafferty Design, the space is decked out with built-in seating, rich colors and bold signage you wouldn’t typically expect.

“With a wealth of experience, this was the client’s first venture to create a student living development with a new, unique brand,” Róisín Lafferty, founder of the interior architecture and design agency, tells Architectural Digest. “They came to us to create a strong visual identity in all aspects of the graphics and interiors.”

The design isn’t meant to just inspire awe, but it is intended to improve mental wellness as well as spark curiosity and conversation within the community.

This space offers cozy seating in the form of multilevel built-in seating to create a cocoon effect. Another aspect that sticks out is the striking color choice, from the floor-to-ceiling black-and-white stripes in the common area to the juxtaposing dusty green and blue walls.

Not skimping on privacy, the layout offers students the choice to hide away in carved-out nooks for a private conversation or a study session.

As if these things weren’t enough, the designer made sure to bring the outdoors inside to create an interior garden space.

“There are proven psychological benefits from plants being used inside, even if they are artificial,” Lafferty says.

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