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On-Campus Housing Supply Grows

Digested from RealPage

On-campus housing supply is set to surge in some areas in the upcoming year.

In comparison to off-campus housing, which is forecasted to descend from its 37,000-bed to 43,000-bed annual average, many schools in the 175 that RealPage tracks will see new supply on campus in the next year.

The University of California-San Diego sits at the top of the list, with 2,221 new beds expected in 2020. Also, on the list is the University of South Carolina at 1,882 expected beds, some schools in the Sunbelt and others with generally healthy enrollment growth.

More than 35,000 new, on-campus beds are expected to arrive on campuses tracked by RealPage, reaching heights not seen since 2001.

In this supply cycle, which began in 2011, many schools have seen a high number of new deliveries, including UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Davis, Ohio State University and the University of Washington.

RealPage reports that, across the 175 schools it tracks, about 140,000 on-campus beds have been delivered since 2011.

The concentration of on-campus supply appears to be higher in areas with limited site availability or high development costs for off-campus housing.

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