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California Bill Aims to Aid Residents Facing Eviction

The Napa Valley Register reported via the Associated Press that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill that will give renters faced with a Friday eviction notice more time to respond, remediate or move out.

Assembly Bill 2343 “will stop the clock on Saturday, Sunday and other court holidays” in light of California’s three-day deadline to remediate or move out and five days to respond to a lawsuit.

The real story, though, is that in the most politically polarized state in America, at possibly the most politically polarized time in modern memory, this bill represents a compromise. Because of some concessions made by supporters and opponents regarding the length of time residents would be given to challenge their evictions, this bill was able move forward despite some lingering disagreement.

Residents and owner/operators alike demand solutions to the supply shortage that is causing the housing affordability crisis in markets across America, and the compromise inherent in this bill is a good example of crafting solutions that are ultimately agreeable for all parties. This effort stands in stark contrast to other proposed solutions to address affordability, such as Proposition 10, California’s ballot initiative that seeks to overturn Costa-Hawkins, a law that preempts municipalities from enacting rent control.

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