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BOLO: ICC Group B Code Development Moves Forward

Building Code Development

The International Codes Council (ICC) recently concluded the Group B Code Development committee action hearings, which have the potential to significantly impact the apartment industry. As you know, the ICC is responsible for establishing the minimum construction requirements for multifamily development, among other activities. They regularly review proposals and modifications to the ICC’s existing model codes known as I-Codes. I am writing today to give you an update on the ICC’s activities and to enlist your help.
Generally, apartments fared well in both the residential and commercial energy conservation code categories. Most high priority proposals that were identified as dangerous to the industry were dismissed outright. These proposals included required energy efficiency testing, installation of non-commercially viable materials and equipment, and other costly recommendations.
We are actively involved in the development of model building codes and standards to ensure that the unique needs of multifamily construction are considered. We are soliciting membership feedback on the approved proposals in advance of the ICC’s public comments deadline of July 24. We will provide a document to you in mid-June that summarizes the most prominent proposals of concern and categorizes their impact on apartment construction. In the meantime, please consult the ICC website for the official results of the committee action hearings.
These are not the final versions of the proposals. They will face additional modification as the code development cycle proceeds. We are very interested in your feedback on these proposals to help us in crafting our comment letter to the ICC. You can send your thoughts and suggested modifications to our NAA subject matter expert on building codes, Manager of Public Policy Sam Gilboard, who will lead our efforts to craft the comment letter. Please have all comments to Sam by COB on June 28.
You may also submit proposed modifications directly to the ICC. Please follow their formatting instructions and submit your comments at least one week in advance of this deadline to ensure their consideration. I would appreciate if you do submit comments directly to the ICC to also share those with Gilboard.
Here is the timeline for apartment industry action on the 2021 Group B Code Development:

Mid-June: Document circulated summarizing impactful proposals.
July 24: Public Comments submission deadline.
October 23 – 30: Public Comment Hearings - Clark County, NV.
November 13 – 27: Online Voting (voting guidance will be distributed well in advance.)