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Better Package Delivery for the Holiday Season

Apartment Package Deliver

Digested from “The Ultimate Holiday Gift For Your Properties? Package Delivery Lockers” in Property Management Insider (10/26/16) by Lyman, Guy

Package deliveries spike every holiday season, and apartment community staff are left dealing with a real-life Tetris game when storing the deliveries before residents pick them up.

Package delivery lockers offer a great solution for apartment staff, residents and delivery personnel. With on-site lockers, apartment staff don’t need to sign for packages (and aren’t held liable for damaged packages); residents are notified of delivery by email, voicemail or text and can pick up packages at their convenience; and leasing office space isn’t overrun with packages.

When one apartment community instituted a locker delivery system, it calculated that it freed up 11 hours of staff time a month. Residents also appreciated the new convenience: Forty-three percent of the packages were picked up when the office was closed.

For apartment owners and managers who are wary of the space package lockers take up, drone delivery could be a future solution. Amazon is eager to start Prime Air once Federal Aviation Administration regulations allow it. And engineers have started to imagine drone landing pads as part of apartment balconies.

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