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Best of 2018 Industry Insider

#1: 10 Things About Dealing with Difficult Residents

difficult residents

A majority of residents who complain aren’t asking for anything specific—they just want to vent...

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#2: States Tackle Emotional Support Animal Requests 


A Charleston-based apartment company exchanges eviction fees for a plan that can help habitually delinquent customers attain financial stability...

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#3: When To Walk Away from a Client


To get ahead, some property managers must know when to walk away...

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#4: The Hazards with Marijuana Legalization 


The legalization of marijuana is spreading rapidly throughout the United States, both for recreational and medical use. Find out what it means for you...

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#5: A Tipping Point on Airbnb? 


Brookfield Properties' $200 million investment in Niido, a new home-sharing concept, could change the game.

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