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Best of 2018 CampusConnex


#1: What Giveaways are Filling Beds?   


As a diversion from the usual gift cards, student operators are finding success with cruises, event tickets and luxury items from brands like Yeti and Tory Burch this year...

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#2: The Glaring Mistake Student Housing Developers Might Be Making

Student housing developers mistake

Today’s students keep using more devices. How important is it to design to keep those screens free of sunlight?

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#3: How Student Operators Tackle Reputation and Social Media  


Responding to bad reviews can be demanding, but there are ways to use social media to build a stronger connection with residents...

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#4: Cell Service Can Dictate Success

Cell Service

High-tech amenities are all the rage but if today’s student housing does not have good cell reception, owners are already a step behind.

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#5: On Campus Emotional Support requests Rise

On Campus Emotional Support

After a 2013 ruling by HUD, colleges are seeing more requests for emotional support animals. This is also a growing trend with for off-campus housing providers.

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