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Here’s a Way to Benchmark Yourself Against The Industry’s Upper-Echelon

By Lisa Trapp, Director of Marketing, Sequoia Equities

Each year, my company Sequoia Equities sends a diverse group of team members to the NAA Education Conference & Exposition. These folks represent our firm’s up-and-coming leaders across the business who work in an array of functional areas in property management including: Sales/leasing, maintenance, property management, asset and regional management, accounting, human resources, marketing, training and information technology.

Sequoia continues to increase the number of employees we send each year because of the variety of curriculum presented, quality of the keynote speakers and the ability to augment vendor networking. The culmination of which offers our company the opportunity to benchmark ourselves against the industry’s upper-echelon, align ourselves with best-in-class vendors and subsequently, shape our strategic planning.

The NAA Education Conference & Exposition is a critical touchpoint for Sequoia to gather with our industry peers and leaders to discuss emerging trends, compare notes and ultimately co-create mutual value by sharing this information in an open-setting. This benefit is critical for the industry in that when our team members return from the conference, they’re infusing the information learned in to their daily work thereby operating at a higher level, which only leads to the betterment of multifamily as a whole.

Sequoia is proud of our partnership with the NAA and are looking forward to another outstanding conference. The 2017 lineup in Atlanta is stacked with best-in-class public speakers who are providing insight on myriad topics ranging from user-behavior, to marketing optimization, recruiting top talent, work/life balance, customer loyalty and thoughts on ancillary income. All of these topics are perfectly on-point/relevant given the economic correction we’re seeing in many of the markets we’re operating in—and we’re very excited to participate again.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not mention that the afterhours activates are an absolute blast!