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Bed Bugs Favor Certain Colors

Bed Bugs

It is well known that bed bugs like to nest in soft surfaces, like couches and beds. Now, new research finds that the tiny bloodsuckers are attracted to certain colors, which change as they age.

Researchers, whose study results were published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, set up seven tent-like structures made from colored cardstock in petri dishes. Bed bugs of different ages, sexes and hunger levels were placed in the dishes, and researchers tracked in which of the seven colored structures they took safe harbor.

Adult bed bugs much preferred the red and black tents and tended to avoid the green and yellow ones. But researchers also noted that bed bugs had different color preferences at different life stages and depending on whether they were alone or in groups.

Researchers theorize that bed bugs like red and black because those hues are similar to their own coloring, and they shun yellow and green because they are brighter. It’s not yet clear, however, if donning yellow or green sheets will deter the pests.


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