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Beacons, Texting Among Top Apartment Tech Trends

Digested from “Multifamily Technology Trends for 2016” (3/16/16) Schober, Lindsey

Renters have come to depend on technology to support their lifestyles, and apartment communities are scrambling to keep up and provide the latest innovations. Here are four technology trends that could have a significant impact on the rental real estate industry in 2016.

Integrated tech solutions: Renters in apartment communities expect daily conveniences such as online rent payments, keyless locks, smart thermostats and Google Fiber. Apartment communities this year may see a big push to adopt integrated technology amenities.

Virtual adventures: The virtual apartment tour has yet to hit the mainstream. Nevertheless, the concept of virtual reality is steadily influencing the way people interact with the world, and it’s certain to soon have an effect on the real estate community and how people search for homes.

Location technology: Now that it’s becoming easier to use, beacon technology, or location-based mobile notifications, may be embraced by apartment communities this year.

Convenient communication: New technologies and software have made texting a popular form of communicating with residents in real time. It’s an efficient way for property managers to help seal the deal on leases and to keep tabs on sales.

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