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The Basics of Chatbots


Digested from 30 Lines

Today’s prospects and residents expect instantaneous communication. Chatbots can help.

You’ve probably heard about chatbots—a virtual companion that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate two-way, human conversation and deliver answers to customer inquiries in natural language.

And you probably know they can help you lease apartments to today’s prospects. “Our apartment prospects are the same customers being served by Amazon, Zappos, and the other big brands doing it ‘right,’ writes Ashley Albertson for 30 Lines. “They’ve been trained to expect [and get] instant answers, same-day delivery and top-notch customer service. Our multifamily customers can seem impatient at times, but they’ve been groomed by other industries to expect the same from us.”

Albertson writes that the average conversation lasts more than two minutes and most conversations are initiated by a prospect or resident after 9:00 p.m. “More than likely, our multifamily customers have work/life schedules that run parallel to traditional leasing office hours, which limits their ability to do business with us in the 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. realm,” Albertson writes. “They’re working and tending to other life commitments during the day, before finally jumping online and digging into their apartment search later in the evening when most leasing offices are closed.”

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