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Apartment Technology is a Red-Hot Investment Space

MTEC 2018
Are you wondering about the revenue boost potential of short-stay housing? Are you flirting with apps that will manage some of the appliances and devices in your apartment homes? We call upon our community of entrepreneurs, tech investors and strategic customers to join us at the Multifamily Technology and Entrepreneurship Conference (MTEC, March 7-8, 2018) in San Francisco.
As this industry evolves, your opportunities to innovate and invest evolve too. Consider how these technologies are applicable to rental housing.
  • Smart homes and smart access
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Short-stay housing options
  • Construction technology
“MTEC was great again [last] year,” Nat Kunes, Vice President of Product Management at Appfolio, says. “We have attended every year since its inaugural year. There is no other place where startups in the multifamily space can gain access to customers, funding, and large acquirers all in one room.”
MTEC will kick off with a technology and amenity tour of a local super-luxury high-rise property. Revenue-generating, high-impact amenities are creating new investment opportunities and new paths for property owners to competitively position their properties. 
Aric Ohana, Co-Founder at Envoy, says, “The next real estate boom is technology. MTEC is a gathering of the industry leaders and the forward thinkers that are creating the boom.”
The event features sessions that touch on construction technology, property management innovators and opportunities in short-stay housing. For new entrepreneurs, they will have the chance to learn the nuts and bolts of business plans for the rental housing industry. We’ll also have our famous company start-up showcase that previews what’s coming next to rental housing management.
“MTEC is pushing the rental housing industry toward a better future by creating an environment that puts new ideas right in front of the very people who have the power and influence to turn those ideas into disruptive companies,” Demetri Themelis, Co-Founder at Knock, says. “It was incredibly refreshing to attend a conference that is actively trying make innovation in multifamily more attractive to both entrepreneurs and capital!”
Please join MTEC, on March 7-8 at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco.