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An Apartment Resident’s Best Friend

Pet policies

Digested from the Houston Chronicle

Pet policies and amenities continue to figure prominently in apartment community operations. From dog parks to dog-washing stations (wait, do apartment communities offer anything for cat owners?), appealing to pet owners can be beneficial in many ways.

How about including a pet ambassador—perhaps a dog that lives in the leasing office that can be appreciated by pet-loving residents who perhaps cannot care for a dog on a regular basis? A trend? Not at this time, but some are gaining favorable publicity for doing so, reports the Houston Chronicle, which says such a perk is “cutting-edge.”

“We have member properties with ambassador dogs around the country, like Emmy the English bulldog at 2M in Washington, D.C., but we haven't seen a large ambassador dog trend,” says Robert Pinnegar, CAE, NAA President and CEO. That said, he notes that “ambassador dogs could potentially be a trend this year.”

These popular animals can be found in restaurants and hotels, and at some apartment communities.

The Houston Chronicle reports that two new planned communities in the Houston area employ dog ambassadors: Cane Island in Katy; and Meridiana, south of the Medical Center. The two sister communities each employ a golden retriever trained as a therapy dog. The retrievers' job: to help make the neighborhoods feel comfortable and at home.

At Cane Island, the golden retriever, Hub, has become the community's most popular resident - even though he's just one of many dogs who call the neighborhood home.

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