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Apartment Hunting Tinder Style

Apartment Hunting

Digested from “With assist on debt, startup to unveil Tinder-like app for house-hunting” in Boston Business Journal (7/19/16) by Ryan, Greg

Sumu, the app that helps Bostonians find compatible roommates, is branching out into apartment hunting.

In late 2014, Sumu was born to make roommate searches safer and more transparent than Craigslist ads. Similar to online dating sites, users post profiles of themselves and can then search for potential roommates.

Now, Sumu has expanded its services, assisting users in finding an apartment in Boston. The company currently has a website where users can search for a fee-free apartment, and a mobile app is coming soon. The app will be gesture-driven, like the dating app Tinder, with a swipe one way signaling interest in an apartment and a swipe the other way noting rejection. Over time, the app will “learn” what a user is looking for in apartment.

Apartment owners and managers pay to post their listings on Sumu, which is free to its current 45,000 users.

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