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Airbnb Wants to Partner with Property Managers

Airbnb Property Managers

Digested from "How Airbnb Is Tackling Multifamily" Bisnow (5/25/16) Meredith, Catherine

It's no secret that Airbnb is disrupting the hotel industry - over 80 million people have used the service for short-term stays. But although the platform is popular with users, many property managers are unhappy with the service because of liability concerns and missing out on a share of the revenue.

Apartment-industry leaders are also concerned that investors may begin purchasing apartments for the express purpose of renting them out like hotel rooms, which could drive up rental prices across the market.

Jaja Jackson, Airbnb's director of multifamily housing partnerships, who is speaking at next week's NAA Education Conference, says that the company wants to work closely with property managers and owners and turn them into partners.

Jackson says that the theft and the property damage many property managers worry about are "grossly overstated." According to Jackson, Airbnb uses behavioral analysis and technology to prevent wrongdoers from being able to use the service. In addition, Airbnb provides insurance for the protection of hosts and properties.

Airbnb also has a program called Verified ID, which provides identification transparency by connecting an Airbnb profile with other online information about you like a Facebook profile. The platform also promotes open communication between the hosts and guests to build trust. 

For more in-depth coverage of Airbnb and the apartment industry, see the December issue of UNITS magazine.

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