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Airbnb Requires Hosts to Say if Rental is Business or Personal

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Digested from “Airbnb listings to differentiate between private and business hosts” in Serviced Apartment News (10/30/16) by Sell, George

Short-term rental site Airbnb now requires users placing listings on the site to indicate whether the rental is professionally managed or a private home.

“Most of the listings on Airbnb are hosts’ personal spaces, which means they have personal furnishings and belongings,” says Airbnb in a post on Serviced Apartment News. “We know many Airbnb guests are looking for accommodations that have these personal touches. To make sure guests know what to expect in the space, we will now ask hosts to specify whether their listing is a personal home or not.”

The site will also ask those listing rentals to indicate whether they socialize with guests when they stay.

In addition, starting Nov. 1, the company requires all users to agree to the company’s new anti-discrimination policy, called the Community Commitment. Hosts discriminating against guests, based mainly on race, has been a problem.

Now hosts who post discriminatory listings or refuse to rent to someone based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age or disability will no longer be allowed to use the site.

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